2020 WSOP Super Circuit Online Series

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There have been key moments in poker’s history that have changed the face of the industry for the better. For instance, Chris Moneymaker winning the WSOP from a $40 satellite to start the online poker boom.

GGPoker and WSOP now take another step in poker journey with the first-ever online WSOP Super Circuit tournament series, which boasts the biggest PRIZE POOL ever seen in online poker… $ 100M guaranteed! Players from around the world now have the opportunity to play in a WSOP circuit event, and take their shot at glory, all from the comfort of home!

Unique features at GGPoker include the ability to squeeze your card just like in a live game, stake your favorite players, an integrated Smart HUD to better know your opponents, and PokerCraft to analyze your own gameplay. The best tools on hand, from any device, will ensure this series is one to remember!

The WSOP Super Circuit Online Series is the greatest tournament series played on the best online platform in the industry, and the series is headlined by 18 WSOPC RING EVENTS. The best poker players in the world are joining; how about you?


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WSOP Generator - OPEN