Alec Torelli Response to Doug Polk: The REAL & UNEDITED STORY (Torelli vs. Wolf – PNIA)

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My response to the rebuys at Poker Night in America:

Here is the full story, including the entire raw tape which explains the truth about what happened on Poker Night in America between myself and Daniel “Cletus” Wolf.

This hand was played in April of 2016 in Pittsburgh, and at the time of it’s airing, nobody seemed to have a problem with what happened (not even the rail on Twitch) and not a single accusation was made.

It was mainly after Doug Polk distorted the raw tape by taking clips out of chronological order and omitting roughly 10 minutes of relevant footage, that the story went viral. Today I’ll be showing you everything that you haven’t seen so that you can decide for yourself as to what really happened.

To watch the entire hand with subtitles and no commentary, click here:
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