Championship Poker Series The Great Poker Chip Adventure Season 02 Episode 04

WSOP Generator - OPEN

**These may no longer be available**

The Cards seen at the beginning of the video are Cartamundi Ace Plastic playing

Last time we put these in front of the camera, we didn’t have a UHD camera and I wasn’t sure if they were going to be available as a stock poker chip.

Now those two things seem to be settled, they have joined the Great Poker Chip Adventure.

China clays with a twist

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We created a ceramic replica of the WSOP clay chips. This WSOP design is directly printed onto the ceramic poker chips.
There’re no labels or stickers or a metal insert inside the chip. Each WSOP ceramic poker chip weighs 10 grams.
You deserve to have a tourney set of WSOP ceramic poker chips for your poker group.

Your custom denominations are available on request.

Reach out to Mandy at [email protected] for a factory price!

WSOP Generator - OPEN