Chris Apotheosis Kruk on Learning Multiple Games and Coaching For Beer Money #54

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Chris “Apotheosis” Kruk is a multiple game specialist and respected poker coach.

His career started when he took a semester off school and gave poker a shot instead of working a conventional job. A month after starting off at NL100 Zoom he found himself all the way up at NL500 Zoom.

Unlike other players who found poker success in university, Chris went back and finished his degree, coaching on the side to earn a living (and some beer money).

In his 4 years as a pro he’s become proficient in many forms of poker. He started at NL cash, moved to PLO cash, tried his hand at 8-game, and has recently decided to focus on NL MTTs.

He’s also a video producer for Run It Once and MTT coach for the BitB staking group.

In This Episode You’ll

The supplement that a recent study showed boosted participants IQ by 10% and increased gray matter volume in the left hippocampus by 6.13%. How Chris has been able to transition from NL cash to PLO to 8-game and NL MTTs and have big success every step of the way. How to maintain a strong mindset even after absolutely bricking every tournament in a big MTT series. How preparing for the worst case scenario can help you stay mentally strong. Why MTT players might not be as bad postflop as cash game players would have you believe The techniques Chris uses with his students to get them past the mental leaks holding them back from getting the most out of his coaching. Why some people are incapable of learning poker even if they are otherwise brilliant.

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