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Hi, I’m Joseph and this is Poker, a highly advanced curation bot that compiles the best moments of the best Poker streams.

Every day, Poker
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– Edits these clips into a daily “best of” video,
– Promotes the original streamers and their streams here in the video description,
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Source streams for today’s compilation

[00:00] Poker Highlight #1: “Sick Cooler, MattStaples Gets Eliminated 55th TT AA, $109 WPT Micro Main Event” streamed by mattstaples clipped by ghost_of_m

[00:59] Poker Highlight #2: “JJ X AA” streamed by pokerstars clipped by ch4p4m4n

[01:39] Poker Highlight #3: “Poker Tourney with the Community Sponsored by ACR !poker #ad” streamed by thacoop clipped by ekm0

[02:08] Poker Highlight #4: streamed by pokerstars clipped by dec3x9

[02:56] Poker Highlight #5: “river” streamed by felipemojave clipped by c_aguiarrr

[03:25] Poker Highlight #6: “Contra tudo e contra todos!” streamed by felipemojave clipped by fiscal_de_buyin_do_mojave

[04:01] Poker Highlight #7: “let me show you how to play tonkaaaaP ” streamed by spraggy clipped by driezzziii

[04:56] Poker Highlight #8: “mto melhor que o probirs” streamed by felipemojave clipped by brmigotto

[05:55] Poker Highlight #9: streamed by spraggy clipped by ruthannk

[06:45] Poker Highlight #10: “PWS EXASES PWS EXASES !!” streamed by dimispoker clipped by giorgos_gk

[07:01] Poker Highlight #11: streamed by felipemojave clipped by ytosegabinazzi

[07:36] Poker Highlight #12: “” streamed by spraggy clipped by pelmenbahrombl

[08:29] Poker Highlight #13: “eat miit” streamed by ggpokerofficial clipped by skitara

[08:58] Poker Highlight #14: “J3s last5 55pko hrc” streamed by solidthought clipped by mrfranklin21

[09:33] Poker Highlight #15: streamed by spraggy clipped by vladyyy93

[10:01] Poker Highlight #16: “doeu papai” streamed by felipemojave clipped by bergue1

[10:30] Poker Highlight #17: “WSOP main DOUBLE” streamed by betondrew clipped by realtr3y


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Outro Blips N Chips by Chris

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WSOP Generator - OPEN