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Updated 17 July
Sorry, i suffered a powerful virus attack. In the weekend i will put some updates.

IMPORTANT: How scammers make a fake video pretending, for example, to have a software that can see hole cards or predict the flop? By recording a poker session and then simulate to be in real time!!
These are the steps:
1 ) you record a poker session (there are a few software out there that allow you to do that i.e.
2) then you make a software that shows you your cards and the cards of your opponent (that you already know as it is a recorded poker table)
3) then you put the 2 things together
Please, buy only software that are 100%real. At the moment no one is!!

1st Part.
Why doesn’t exist a poker cheat / hack software??
Deleted this part because of typing space (i prefer to have an updated bigger list of scammer). Anyway if you want to know, feel free to contact me and i will give you the reasons as soon as i can.

2nd part
Are you a supposed to be hacker genius?? Well show us you are not a scammer as all people out there claiming to have such a software. How??
You have two ways.
1) Send me your software and i’ll test you for all youtube members. if it really works i will post a full review of it and give you twice the price you are selling it.
2) Challenge me on a poker site of your choice. We open an heads up table. We make 10 hands. After that 10 hands you will send me an email of my hole cards dealt in that 10 hands.

3rd part – Scammers list
teampokerftw: he is also here on youtube with the name of UnFoGetAbo. I know because i’ve challenged him and he answers back (no of course) with the other profile, lol!!!! With the other profile, he was triyng to buy another poker cheat software before posting his new!!!Probably trying to steal moneay he has been stole…
seecards: his video is fake…you can see the cut of the video when entering the table. It’s just a replay of the tounament as pokerstars often does. i’ve challenged him but he didn’t answer back!!
roozbeh12: his file contains a virus…i have challenged him but didn’t answer back!!
PokerSecrets09: not possible to leave comments anymore, lol…look at USWA9414 video that bought his hack and got scammed…anyway i just challenged him…Accepted both challanges and they send the software…Downloaded but:
1) contain a trojan
2) when i install it says “sqlceme35.dll SQL Server Database Not Found.”
They answer back how to fix the program but the virus remains (poison ky) and also the problem. Tried it on other 3 Pc and still get the same thing. I tried to organize the second challenge but when i told him that i don’t want to use msn (cause it’s very easy to hack to get info from your contacts) and he didn’t answer back…
TruePoker09, them1n and jempcdogs:i’ve challenged them but they didn’t answer back!!
thepokereconomist: software coming out on mid may. Stay tuned
DiabolicPokerstars: BEWARE. I have challenged him and he didn’t want to…Now he deletes my last responses on his video and on his profile…His video is a fake and if you want to know how he did that just send me a message…Finally, doesn’t return any result on pokerstars with the name wilcho415 used in the video: very strange to have a powerfull software and not use it.
pokergamer2009: pokerrng simply doesn’t work as you can read under. Anyway you can find it for FREE on emule. The other software is not shown, anyway I have challenged him but didn’t answer back
MikeThomasPoker: refuses the challenge. You can also ask to tom13662 and 22Rrankster22 that bought software and say that “works really bad” and “is very disappointing”.
Venuz102: . I downloaded the previous software but to use it you had to enter your pokerstars’s id and password (feel not comfortable with it) . Venuz accepted 2nd challenge and show me, without any doubt, that he knew my hole cards. He could do this only on 1vs1 table and not on multitables. My doubt is that i downloaded and opened his software and could have been a backdoor virsu showing my desktop on his pc, but my antivirus didn’t find anything. Last 2 thing: his new video seems perfectly what i wrote about fakes. Then he told me that he would never sell the software but know he is doing it (he says it’s free but to collect point on Ft you have to deposit money and play. And he gains from that). Ask also to snowman6577, who got scammed and sais”I followed instruction and created account on full tilt poker site by used his refer bonus code…and I have been waited for your cheat software link for two days,and never got NOTHING from him so far. What’s up with that? Youtube user be aware of him. He need your ref bonus 0, then never send you anything”
On the web you can also find:
Pokerrng or Pkrgen: Deleted for typing space. If you want to know more about that, contact me.

(to be continued…check soon…)
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