Poker Night on WSOP Mobile

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Getting out of the norm and trying out some phone games once again, this time playing some good-ol’ fashioned poker! Turns out that I have no luck, but it’s okay! Here’s hoping I don’t lose all of my chips at the end of the week. .-.

Recorded Mobizon for Android

*NOTE* Please leave any game ideas in the comments section, looking to make this a regular thing! Thank you! 🙂

Achte Sitzung der Vorlesung “Verteilte Systeme” der Professoren Gero LĂĽckemeyer und Sebastian Speiser im Rahmen der Studiengänge Informatik, Informationslogistik und Wirtschaftsinformatik an der Hochschule fĂĽr Technik Stuttgart.
Thema der Apache Tomcat SOAP Web Services SpringBoot

WSOP Generator - OPEN