Tutorial Free Xbox Gold Not Working Anymore

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[Tutorial] Free Xbox Gold [NEW]
Here is how you get free two day gold trials.

1st-First Go to

2nd-Enter Your Age or Enter a Fake Age

3rd-Enter All Fake Info and Enter This Info Where Needed ( / Time 10:50) and Make Sure The Boxes are Checked but make sure the box that says “Check here if you are a current Xbox Live Gold Member.” is unchecked!

4th-Go To the Email Entered and Click on Click Me to Verify Your Email

5th-They Will Send You A New Email With A XBL Code and A Poker Code if You Want It

6th- Do This As Many Times As You Want, But IT Will Take Some Time

I-Exist – Giving My Life

Here is a free two day gold trial 2RMJ6-XT9FY-CKTR4-YW2HP-R366G

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Why is everyone still playing on Pokerstars? The site has high rake with its low rake-back and has deceived players for millions of $, announcing changes in December, letting people believe they would get certain benefits the following year.

In this video I’m listing 3 reasons why people are still playing on

1 It’s way too comfortable not to play on pokerstars. The software is by far the best and most comfortable to play online poker in 2021. They have the highest guarantees in poker tournaments and a decent way to deal with bots and cheating.

2 People are still winning on pokerstars. Very few still win $100’000 per year or more, but as long as there are some people winning that kind of money on a consistent basis, pokerstars will have a lot of players on their site.

3 There is not competitor. At least nobody you could take seriously. Most other sites have major leaks that I will talk about in future videos. Make sure to hit subscribe + the notification bell to get these updates if you want to know more about other pokersites.

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