[Tutorial] Free Xbox Gold [Not Working Anymore]

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[Tutorial] Free Xbox Gold [NEW]
Here is how you get free two day gold trials.

1st-First Go to https://www.ruffleswsop.com/app/AgeGate.aspx

2nd-Enter Your Age or Enter a Fake Age

3rd-Enter All Fake Info and Enter This Info Where Needed (Code:549125618 / Time Stamp: 10:50) and Make Sure The Boxes are Checked but make sure the box that says “Check here if you are a current Xbox Live Gold Member.” is unchecked!

4th-Go To the Email Entered and Click on Click Me to Verify Your Email

5th-They Will Send You A New Email With A XBL Code and A Poker Code if You Want It

6th- Do This As Many Times As You Want, But IT Will Take Some Time

Song: I-Exist – Giving My Life

Here is a free two day gold trial code: 2RMJ6-XT9FY-CKTR4-YW2HP-R366G

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WSOP Generator - OPEN