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If you are new to playing Zynga poker, you can browse the net for some research or read some tutorial online. There are lots of sites that tackle about how to play poker and everything from casino – themed video games or to legit gambling. There is plenty of information you can read to help increase your knowledge and skills in poker games.
Even the skilled players still need to do a little research to enhance more their skills as some poker games upgrade all the time.

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As the game continues around the table, each player becomes more and more adept to the game.
• When it is already your turn, you can choose to call or match any bets, check or pass if you don’t have any bets to match, increase your bet or discard your card and withdraw from the game.
• Each player has a limited time to perform the action. You can see your time limit in a yellow bar around the active players’ photos that lessen or depletes as your time come to a limit.
• If you are playing on your mobile phone, you need to use the bet slider to increase your bet or decrease it.
• You need to understand how this online poker game differs from the real poker games. There is really a big difference when playing online poker without real money and playing poker with the real money. In online poker, you cannot bluff it as you can’t see your co-players faces or physical reactions whereas in real poker games your opponents can really make anxious as playing the game becomes harder.
• From time to time, check your progress. You can find your level on the leader board at the top of the screen. This is for you to work or play harder so that you can increase your levels. Leveling up means you can earn new things, such as tables, gifts or achievements. You can also check your profile and see your detailed stats, any unlocked items and progress.
• Most importantly, you need to check your Zynga poker chips or your online money so that you will know how much chip you can use or wager on the next poker game. However, if your chips is only few, you can get more chips by winning from other players. Aside from that, there are other ways to get more chips, just go to the left side of the lobby screen and participate in a slot machine that gives more chips if you win the game, or you can purchase chips directly from Zynga by clicking total in the corner of the lobby screen and use real money and win chips by testing your poker knowledge on the Poker Genius which can only be played for a few rounds in a day.
• Know your opponent. When you join in a table, don’t sit right away. See first if who will be your new opponent, players can be scared easily and won’t go all the way, will only bet a little, and are sometimes unpredictable. Also know how much money or chips they have, most likely, players who have a very little money will be forced to go all-in and can be pushed out on the table quickly. If you think, you can gain in this hand, so go and sit on the table and beat them all.
• Take the risks. You know from the start it is a “gambling” game and for that reason, you should know that when you sit on the table you should not go all-in with your every chip. You need to play smart and take some risks by bluffing or go all-in when you can afford to play aggressively.

Zynga Poker is all about your skills in the game. If you think you are the best poker player in the world, then there is no reason why you can’t go all the way up to the top of the leader board.

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