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WSOP Free Chips | Free WSOP Poker Chips Cheat on Android & iOS?
Can a WSOP Free Chips cheat actually work? Have you ever seen a video that said you could get WSOP poker chips or unlimited chips or codes? These types of videos are everywhere. We see so many that we wanted to find out ourselves if these things were real.

We are big fans of this game and we were interested in finding out the best way to get free chips. We wanted to find out the best cheat available.

We have seen a lot of cheats for WSOP but only one stood out to us.

It claimed that it worked by using game debug code already within the game. This was interesting to us and it sounded realistic. It was also safe because we did not need to jailbreak our phones to test it.

This debug also offered a realistic number of chips that made sense. After choosing this WSOP cheat we tested it out and recorded our results. So did it work at all? Watch the video to find out!

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Here are the

Unlimited chips with multiple uses
Works on all android and ios devices
Real time updates into 2019 and beyond
Your devices do not have to be rooted or jailbroken

We’ve also heard the servers have a lot of traffic which can lead to some people having to complete everything more than once. This was all enough for us to test it out and post it here. Did it work? Watch and find out.

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Using this quick hack, you can view the WSOP Live Stream in Full HD, rather than the tiny little window that they present. Click SHOW MORE to see full instructions.

The stream is actually being broadcast in full HD, but it’s inexplicably shown in a tiny little window. All you need is Google Chrome and 30 seconds to remedy this, and view the stream in its full HD glory.

1) Open the WSOP stream in Google Chrome
2) Select “Developer Tools” from View-Developer-Developer Tools
3) Click on the little arrow with a box icon on the left, and click on the live stream
4) Scroll up until you see “iframe id” and click on it
5) Double-click on the “560” width setting, and change it 1120
6) Double-click on the “315” height setting, and change it 630
7) Click on the X close box on the far right of the developer tools bar to close it

Enjoy your HD WSOP Live Stream!

WSOP Generator - OPEN